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Frequently Asked Questions!

When you are new to game server hosting it can all be a little confusing. Some common queries and questions are below to get you started.

Game Server Hosting FAQ

Frequent questions and answers
What is a game server?

A game server is a piece of software that allows you to create virtual worlds you can join and play your favourite games on. These can be open to the public or for private use. Very common game servers are Minecraft or Ark: Survival Evolved. A game server is often called a Dedicated Server. This is often confused with a physical dedicated server (whole hardware machine).

Do you have to pay for a game server?

If you host the game server on your own PC or Server then you pay nothing more than the electric to run them and the knowledge to set them up. If you want a company to host the server for you there is a fee involved and we list provides on this website for your convenience. They set this up for you in a default setup for instant use.

How much does it cost with a game server provider?

The cost varies depending on numerous common factors.

  • The game you want.
  • Slot/Player counts.
  • Location.
  • Hardware types.
  • Resource usage.

Each provider has its own method of pricing so do be sure to check for additional extras or costs designed to make you pay more. A common extra is a "RAM add-on" increasing the amount of RAM the host allocates to your game server.

Our top host lists prioritize hosts by their TrustPilot rank but can be listed by price order.

What types of game hosting are there?
  • Shared Game Server Hosting

This is the most common hosting type in the industry. This is where many game servers are placed on one physical server. Many hosts use this method to provide value for money hosting as the cost is effectively shared by all who use it, instead of paying for a dedicated server costing $100’s of dollars.

  • VPS Game Server Hosting

VPS hosting is the next step up, where you host on a portion of a whole physical machine. You are allocated a portion of resources to use and you will be involved in setting up the game server itself. No support is normally provided outside of the VPS itself so you do require some knowledge to set up your games. You get access to the direct operating system and give more freedom to you like hosting any game at no extra cost.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

The biggest and usually most expensive option. This is very similar to a VPS but instead of a portal of the server, you get the entire physical machines resources to yourself. This means no one else uses it so has the benefit of the best performance as no one else will interrupt your servers and you get the entire CPU/RAM resources to use. As with VPS support can be lacking so look for a host that provides there game panel to run as it can save you lots of headaches and they will provide support. If you go without expect to have to set up everything yourself.

This option is generally for those who need the best performance, for example, a big community wanting to run a big server or multiple games and have a community backing for funding.

  • Voice Servers

These are typically Teamspeak servers or Ventrilo servers ran alongside the game server, where you can connect to them using your relevant voice program (TeamSpeak3/Ventrilo) and chat with your friends.

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