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Find Game Server Hosting is completely free to use!

Anything on the main site is here because we have done our research and obtained the information that you need to know about the providers shown. 

These companies have taken the time to ensure their level of service is publicly known and rated. 

We do our best to show complete and record accurate information however we do encourage you to check your own findings.

Should you find something is incorrect or wrong, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page. We love to hear from you.

Unsure about this site?

We understand it can be frustrating trying to find hosting providers with so many sites out there working with providers to push sales with as little information and making a profit in the process. We believe this is wrong and why we exist to ensure you have the information you need to make a decent choice. 



Our provider rankings for each game are sorted by their TrustPilot rankings so you can be sure that the provider has taken the time to earn their reputation. Prices are not the focal point here as we would all happily pay a little extra to know we are taken care of. If the best provider happens to be the cheapest, then win win.



Of course if you simply want to know who is the cheapest, or has coupon codes available then we provide those options to!


So how does Find Game Server Hosting generate revenue?

We have to pay the bills to!

We compile as much data as we possibly can find from the hosts that appear on the website. Be it through public avenues like the companies websites or by contacting them directly. 

We want to ensure that our pages contain as much detail about the providers that are shown so you do not have to dig around. 

Once the pages are finished, we look to see if we can obtain ‘affiliate links’ to the providers.

These look and work in the same way as normal links, but if you click through, the link is tracked and may generate a payment to this site.


We adopt an honesty approach with affiliate information. All hosting companies on this site utilise WHMCS as it is the common hosting platform. This has a built in affiliate system.


When you click through to a hosting company from our lists and make a purchase we may receive a commission from the hosting company.

We’ve all been there, buying from a provider and it turns out not to be what we expected! We hope with our site you can do this and in return help us.


What costs us money?

Hosting – The website costs money to run.

Domains – The URL’s used to access our content.

Development – Overall the site takes a lot of hours to produce and keep updated to ensure the data is accurate and updated