Add Admin To An Ark Server

No More Passwords!

We guide you through adding an admin to an Ark: Survival Evolved server in 3 simple steps. There are some benefits to doing this.

  • This removes the need to use 'Enablecheats Password' each time you login and want to use admin commands .
  • No need to give our your admin password.
  • Easily manage add or remove players you no longer wish to have admin.

Follow the steps below to add your admins to your ARK server. You will require your Steam64ID or those you want to be admin. You can get these from this site:

If you are hosting through a hosting provider most will have an easy access to this file and have it created for you. All you have to do is add your Steam64ID. If the host uses TCAdmin as their control panel (Most do!) you can normally find this file listed under the ‘Configuration Files’ area.