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A list of ARK admin and console commands are found on this page. These can be used inside the main game to effectively ‘cheat’ as, without them, these actions are not usually allowed.

Opening the console will depend on the version you’re using. For PC, press TAB . Pressing LB, RB, X, and Y together on Xbox. Or L1, R1, Square, and Triangle on Playstation. On consoles, you can press TAB  if you have a keyboard connected.

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Many ARK console commands listed here when used on a server will not work unless you are assigned as admin or 'login' as admin [enablecheats password]

Console Commands

What This Command Does

Essential Ark Admin Commands

enablecheats <password>

Gives the player admin powers.


Opens the in-game admin GUI menu.

cheat SaveWorld

Saves the world.

Cheat Addexperience 999 1 1

Gives you're player 777 experience. Change 777 to any value you require.

Cheat Fly

Grants the user fly. Fly around the map.

Cheat Walk

Grants the user walking, best use to stop flying above.

Cheat Ghost

No-clip mode. Disable with 'Cheat Walk'

Cheat God

Gives you god mode. You can not die. Stats still drain.

Cheat Infinitestats

Gives you infinite stats. They no longer drain.

cheat destroywilddinos

Removes ALL wild dinos. Forces respawning so new spawn values are used.

stat fps

Shows FPS and latency information. Admin not required.

Management ARK Admin Commands

cheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID>

Whitelist the specified player.

cheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID>

Removes the specified player from the whitelist.

cheat BanPlayer <SteamID>

Ban the specified player.

cheat Broadcast <MessageText>

Broadcasts the <Message> to the server.

cheat TribeMessage <TribeId> <Message>

Adds a message to the tribes tribe.log

cheat DoExit

Shuts down the server. Always 'SaveWorld' first.

cheat GetChat

Returns the last chat buffer

cheat GetTribeIdPlayerList

Lists players in tribe.

cheat TribeStructureAudit <TribeID>

Reports structures and types to console.

Cheat TribeDinoAudit <TribeID> 

Reports structures and types to console.

cheat ServerChat

Sends message to all connected players.

cheat ServerChatTo <SteamID> <MessageText>

Sends a direct message to player specified.

cheat ServerChatToPlayer <PlayerName> <MessageText>

Sends a direct message to player named.

cheat SaveWorld

Saves the world

cheat SetGlobalPause <IsPaused>

Pauses everything.

cheat SetTimeOfDay SetTimeOfDay <Hour>:<Minute>

Changes the in-game time to stated time.

cheat ShowMessageOfTheDay

Forces the message of the day to appear.

cheat UnbanPlayer <SteamID>

Un-bans the specified player.

cheat GetAllState <type>

Reports the state of the <type> to console and the 'ShooterGame.log'

GiveExpToTarget <Amount> <FromTribeShare> <PreventSharingWithTribe>

Gives experience to player/creature your looking at.

cheat GiveInfiniteStatsToTarget

Gives infinite states to target you are looking at.

cheat KickPlayer <SteamID>

Kicks the player specified.

cheat Kill

Kills the player/target/structre you are targeting instantly

cheat KillAOE <pawns/dinos/wild/tamed/players/structures> <Radius>

Destroys specified type within the radius.

cheat KillPlayer <PlayerID>

Kills the specified player

cheat RenamePlayer <"PlayerName"> <NewName>

Rename the players name.

cheat RenameTribe <"TribeName"> <NewName>

Rename the tribes name.

cheat TakeAllDino

Changes targeted dinos ownership to the player tribe using the command.

cheat TakeAllStructure

Changes targeted structures ownership to the player tribe using the command.

cheat LevelUp <StatName> <NumLevels>

Levels up player and stat specified

cheat LevelUpAOE <StatName> <Radius> <NumLevels>

Levels up player and stat specified in a radius

cheat LevelUpTarget <StatName> <NumLevels>

Levels up targeted player/dino and stat specified